09 January 2015

Travel around the world

I hope that you will be interest in my project.

Before I tell you about my brand and the details of the project, I think it appropriate to introduce myself.

My name is Patricia FraƄczak. I am 21 years old. I am a fashion editor and designer who wants to travel the globe 24/7, while discovering the secrets of the fashion industry. I want to share my innovative ideas and adventures every day. My brand is created on many continents in collaboration with other brands. I want to demonstrate how the fashion market looks like inside so I travel a lot to gain this knowledge. I want to know how the clothes and accessories are made, and I would like to explore different brands, their goals and ideas. I used to travel a lot in order to look for the latest news about trends, cultures and needs of fashion customers.

Particularly I am interested in luxury brands and their history. I also work with exclusive brands.
I have great enthusiasm and motivation. And action is my priority.

My project is not accidental. It was created as a result of my fascination with fashion and travel.
Travel it’s unbelievably awesome! I love my job!

The route
This is the main route of my travel around the world. Below you can find some activities, but you can be sure that will be many more actions.

In short, I can say that each city are: designer’s workshop, fashion magazines, unique atelier, local events, schools, restaurants, hotels, extraordinary people and famous attractions. Each city brings another opportunity. In addition, I want to appear on local television (TV breakfast, talk show- it could be a great opportunity to promote!)

My 365- day journey begin in LONDON. I will be participating in the London Fashion Week. I will visit “Fashion and Textile Museum” and “V & A Museum. I will guide the interview with the queen of the internet- Zoella. In addition, I will visit unusual stores such as Alice Through The Looking Glass, Tatty Devine. I also visit the largest shopping centers (Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, Harvey Nichols) and the greatest British designers studios.

Next stop: DUBAI. And there Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel, Tour of The Dubai Mall Magazine. All locally attractions Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar. Of course, the world-famous restaurant La Petite Maison, FAI and Zumba. I do not miss the biggest boutiques and shopping centers (The Dubai Mall, Deira Gold Souk, S * Uce, Boutique 1). In addition, interviews with designers, editors and bloggers. Also visit the London College of Fashion in Dubai, Esmod Dubai. I hope I will gain the opportunity to short lecture in these schools.

Third city DELHI. I will visit office of Vogue India. I will guide interviews with people from the industry (Rachel Roy, Shalini Chopra Rasshi Gaur, Gia Kashyap, Riaan J. George and more). I will explore rustic brand and charities (I want to get involved in their activities). In India, there are many fashion schools, is an excellent opportunity to get to know best specialists- faculty, students and enthusiasts. Indian Fashion Academy, Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Pearl Academy of Fashion, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Apeejay Institute of Design are the perfect places to explore the Indian fashion world.

Next will HONG KONG. There is also the famous attractions, such Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong The Peak Convention and Exhibition Centre, as well as Hollywood Road Museum. And school The Clothing Industry Training Authority, the Art Center College of Design, The Institute of Textiles and Clothing, and shopping malls (Causeway Bay Ladies’ Market, Temple Street Night Market). I will take part in the local fashion events. I will visit ELLE HK’s office and Marie Claire.

SYDNEY is another city on my map. And there Paddington shopping centers, The Intersection Bondi’s Hall Street and Campbell Parade. Extraordinary people and brands eg. Sydney Fashion Blogger- producer and editor, Abby to abby, zacharythelabel and Natalie Rolt and more. Mulberry Street Vintage Designer Boutique is also a place worth to see. The Fashion Institute, the FBI Fashion College, Whitehouse Institute is another school of fashion, that is the opportunity to lecture and learning specialists.

The next town is SAO PAULO. And there well-known personalities such as Alexandre Herchcovitch, Pedro Lourenco, Oskar Metsavaht, Barbara Casasola, Sandro Barros, Lucas Nascimento, Tufi Duek, Ocimar Versolato, Bruno Basso, Carlos Miele and unique places ( InterContinental Sao Paulo, Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort) I will visit the office of ELLE Brasil and World Fashion magazine. I will show the steps of creating a new number of fashion magazines.

The last town is immortal NEW YORK. Anil Arjandas already confirmed their interest in the project. New York is a unique city. It has long been known as the capital of fashion. I’ll check why. I will visit the most famous streets of 5th Avenue, Broadway, Times SQUER, Herald Square, Madison Square Park, Union Square, 14th Street, Meatpacking District and huge shopping centers. In addition, as in every city I will visit schools ( Parsons- the new school for design, fashion institute of technology and PRATT).

My journey around the world begin September 15, 2015. And finish September 15, 2016. The “One World Fashion” provides for different length of stay in each country. Everything is dependent on how much money I have and the number of persons / companies interested in the project / cooperation.

Aims and objectives
For a long time I have been following the changes in the fashion industry and the environmental impact of various aspects of the industry. The fashion industry evaluates all the time. I want to show how the environment looks out of fashion. How looks the production of clothes and accessories? Who works in the industry and what these people stand out?

Traveling around the world is to make the project learn all of them. We have 7 billion people-I want to fully take advantage of it!

It has to be also an opportunity to show the ease with which you can collaborate with other brands in a multicultural environment. Travel should be a natural inspiration, a source of knowledge about the cultures and the possibilities lurking outside.

All actions taken by me to build honest, authentic image of the fashion industry. My activities are creating new opportunities to explore the culture, discover new brands and place and inspiring people. I want to motivate and inspire.

 I want to work! No matter how many cash and which equipment I get, the project will begin! I will not rest until I try. Because attempt is more important than common cowardice! I plan to release e-books and books, and if I will be lucky enough TV program. I want to get involved in local events and arrange a meeting with the local community. It will be necessary videoand photo-relationship, and a newsletter. I will be designing, reviewing and writing about my experiences.

Money and business partners / sponsors / advertisers / investors appear to be indispensable in this endeavor. But I invite you to cooperation of all who allow me to share sound system. Eager to begin working with television and publishing houses, magazines. During the project certainly prove indispensable for photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, designers, someone to video editing. Forms of cooperation is really a lot. Please contact me for all concerned.

Money is important, but if you can not offer them to me, think how else you can support me and thus join the action. Do you have a product that can be useful to me, you provide the services you need in such an action, write! Any help counts and any help would be appreciated!

Do you think you can not offer me anything? You are a mere mortal? NO! Write to me, Support me, follow me on social media, tell your friends about the action- it will also be helpful to me.

If you give me the opportunity to earn money also help me. I can design, write, promote, recommend, organize, motivate, stylize …- directly contact me.

If you know the points of interest, hotels, restaurants, you have any tips for me, write! Do not hesitate! Today turn in on the action!

My business partners and all those associated with the project even though I can guarantee reliable fulfillment of contracts. With every interested I negotiate conditions individually. I have a lot of ideas. We’ll find a way to join forces. Because only together we can create something with the effect of WOW! How we will work depends on you.

I can’t predict how many people would be interested in your company and what impact on profits will be advertising. The only thing I can guarantee is truth and honesty on my part. I will mention about companies / business partners / products spontaneously thus neither I nor your company / product doesn’t lose credibility in the eyes of readers.

I hope you know that cooperation will certainly pay off. Therefore, please reply to my message. Then we will discuss the opportunities and benefits of cooperation. If you have questions or concerns also remain available.
CONTACT: project@travelabel.com

Did you see my new website? www.travelabel.com ;)

03 November 2014


I'm not sure if everyone know my new website. So I write abut autumn fashion show here. But it will be really nice if you start follow me on my new site www.travelabel.com

Model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh officially transformed the symbol of the fashion capital, the Eiffel Tower, into the world’s newest catwalk on 31 October 2014. J Autumn Fashion Show marked Jessica’s 8th history making showcase around the globe and promoted the rise of a new generation of creative leaders. The innovative show producer presented a two-tiered outdoor catwalk, which spanned over 150 metres across the first floor of the symbolic tower. The panoramic views of Trocadero, Champs de Mars, and over 100 exquisite designs from Europe, Asia, and America were strategically captured for live audiences worldwide.

“It was definitely a historic moment. Another flawless presentation by Miss Anh”-said Alan Williams.
J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 combined art, culture, architecture, and fashion. Participating brands embrace tradition, yet experiment various techniques of modern designs.
Bahraini powerhouse Dar Naseem AlAndalos opened J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 with a French fusion collection. It wasn't just a show. It was story of luxurious Parisian women through their fifteen elegant long tailed dresses! The show continued with another representative from the Middle East, Saudi Arabian brand OM Fiore, who blended Arab embroidery threads into European fabrics. The artistic touch by designer Omaymah Azzouz. The brand successfully premiered a modern Abaya collection, which mixed warm summery colours with darker tones of autumn and winter.
Next in line was Indian talent Shilpa Reddy, who brought edge to the grand catwalk with bold colours, well-formed structure, and distinctive cuts.
Going back to classic, Danish brand Soul Made Faroe Islands presented an authentic knitwear collection inspired by Nordic heritage. Debaj from Qatar further beautified the catwalk with Parisian floral art embroidered on finest organza and chic velvet.
All the way from Canada, Sho Sho Esquiro added Native American vibe to the catwalk with interesting elements such as gold beading, abalone, seal, carp, and beaver tail.
 The surprise of Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk was the 17-year-old American talent Kate Walz, whose fabric manipulation techniques sealed her place in the show. Kate’s collection focused on handcrafted sculpture, draping, and whimsical detailing, which were highlighted when the gowns were in motion.
“Kate represents the daring new generation who choose to experiment” said Jessica Minh Anh

Haute couture designer Hoang Hai closed the show with class and extravagance. Pushing the creative envelope, the Vietnamese talent presented a smooth transition from cloud-like elegant dresses with lace, chiffon, and floral motif, to floor length hand beaded gowns with transparency and architectural elements.
The final masterpiece, which embodies femininity and radiates modern beauty, was designed with Jessica Minh Anh as the inspiration.
The red carpet event welcomed country ambassadors, luxury buyers, global 2000 company directors, international fashion designers, and the press. Guests were treated with freshly made Italian breakfast by Pozzetto before taking their seats at Dyson-heated VIP area. The show was also supported by Before Beauty Bar, Acanthe-Sol, Lyric Hotel, and Unexpected from Paris as well as Fridja, Intricate Creations, and Elite Marking in London.
“I see a strong connection between fashion and the best of locations. The most exquisite designs should be displayed at architectural masterpieces” “Eiffel Tower represents an artist’s dreams, and inspires their many creations. I wanted to make those dreams attainable”.
She definitely did! At the incredible speed of three-month preparation per show, Jessica Minh Anh is set to continue to reach new heights and claim the sky. Prior to hosting the world’s highest fashion show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and America’s most iconic catwalk atop One World Trade Center, Jessica Minh Anh produced fashion phenomena’s on London’s Tower Bridge, PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge, Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway, and Costa Atlantica’s sundeck among others.
To find out more about Jessica Minh Anh’s previous and upcoming catwalks, visit www.jmodelmanagement.co.uk and www.facebook.com/jmodelmanagement

or follow me www.facebook.com/travelabel I am in good contact with the J Model Management. About every show I know first. ;)

07 August 2014


Hi everyone!

I invite you very warmly on my new website travelabel.com.
I will be glad if you will be there. This allows you to know a little more about me and my business.

Soon this new site will be a mine of information.

Through travel I visit various interesting places. I get to know new cultures, languages ​​and fashion. I try to get to know different companies in the fashion industry. I want to know their history, ideas and goals. I follow the processes of production of clothes and accessories. All the gathered information I will share  on this website and social media. In addition, I designing my own collection of clothing. I get inspiration from travel and new people. I attend fashion shows, which I recall with pleasure. Beside this I write articles about fashion. I realize different projects. If you want to cooperate with me. Write to me: cooperation@travelabel.com

I'm glad that despite the beggining of my business I get from many people nice news, congrats and cooperation proposals. It is very important to me. Without you, my business doesn't exist! Thank you!

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact office@travelabel.com

Feel free to follow me in social media. Here you find all profiles of my brand. Enjoy it!

All the world say: travelabel!

Please tell your friend about my brand and feel free to enjoy my new website and new social media!